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Dan Allender - The Wounded Heart Complete Seminar Recorded Live on CD:

The Wounded Heart
Complete Seminar Recorded Live on CD:

Hope For Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Wounded Heart CD Seminar is an honest and hopeful journey into the damage of childhood sexual abuse. Pretending it didn’t happen leads to a life of deceit. Hoping it didn’t cause any damage increases naiveté. Gutting it out through will, prayer, or bible study leads to exhaustion and cynicism. There has to be a better path. God invites us to face the damage deeply and learn to struggle with him until our heart melts in trust. This CD Seminar will deepen your hope and wonder in the gospel.

Author's note: 

No matter if you have been abused or not, this is a Seminar that will help you face with greater integrity and hope the reality of living in a fallen world with a God who intends to speak the final word of hope.

Dan B. Allender
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